09 June, 2008

The Drive in!

We finished off our busy Saturday at the Drive-In. We saw Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones. (Sorry the flash reflected off the brake light...but, no the light was not on.) It was a perfect night to go to the Drive-In! It was 2 am before we got home and then we had to be back up at 7 am to be at church by 8:30. I had to be dressed in my softball shirt for first service...although we always go to first service so it was not that hard to get there on time...because we honored our AWESOME pastor by presenting him with a team shirt.
Then we had a double header Sunday afternoon. We lost the first game 11-4. Then we lost the second game 18-1....it would have been a lot worse but the team was kind enough to WALK from base to base for the most part!! It was to HOT to run!!!!!!! Nearly every hit they made was clear out to the fence. But, for our one run....Bill S. was able to get on base...then I got up to bat and hit the ball and he was able to get to third base...me just to first. Then Judah (I think...sorry if it was someone else) got up to bat and hit a pop fly....short stop caught it then tried to throw it back to first to get me out...she missed the ball so I was still safe at first...and with some smart base playing Bill was able to score a run!! YAY Bill!!

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Michele Zwart said...

What fun! We had a drive-in just a couple miles from us and they tore it down a couple years ago. We used to go all the time when I was a kid, but in recent years it just wasn't kept up.