09 June, 2008


We went canoeing. DH and I had 6 yo and 3 yo DD on our canoeing. Then 8, 10, and 12 yo's had thier own canoe. And then my mom, baby brother;), and nephew had their own canoe. We had a fantastic time. The sun was hidden behind the clouds the whole time we were out on the lake.
Ok....in this first pic do you see where DD is?? In the middle.

Hey look it is ME!!! Thanks mom for taking a pic of ME!! :)

Do you see where DD is in this pic?? Yep in the back with DH!

Can you tell where she is in this pic?? She is in front of me now. She loved laying on the front (the part behind her head) and then putting her hands down in the water.
Did you notice that the hat is missing....yeah it is a lot of fun to throw it in the water and then test everyones expert canoeing skills to fish it out. The John Deer hat is 6 yo favorite so it is not like we could just leave it there and let it sink!

My mom, nephew, and brother. This is the first time my nephew has ever been on a canoe. He stayed right in the middle the whole time and never took his hands off the sides!! Yeah, no such luck of that happening in my canoe with 6 yo and 3 yo. 6 yo has gone canoeing with us before but, this was 3 yo first time....at least her at this lake.

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