09 June, 2008

A busy day!

We started out Saturday with cleaning up the yard. DH weed whacked the ditch and 12 yo raked it all up...as you can see 6 yo and 3 yo are a lot of help!!
8 yo went to softball practice with me. He was such a trooper because it was HOT!! He ran and ran around the bases just because he wanted to. Crazy kid! Then when I got home 8 yo, 10 yo, and I cleaned up the house and did the dishes.

Then we got a chicken bucket and went to the park to eat....then we went canoeing....then to the beach....and then we went to the Drive-In and did not get home until 2 am.

My 10 yo took this picture of all of us sitting down eating our chicken. Can you see that my brother is giving me bunny ears? Some people just never grow up I tell ya!!;)

We had such a fun weekend! Thankfully school is done so I was able to sleep in this morning to catch up!


Mama Ant said...

It looks like you had fun! That is funny about your bunny ears! Brothers!

Thanks for the comment and wishes on my blog!

Teresa said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all!

Veronica said...

Wow, that was a busy busy day! It looks like you had a wonderful day despite the heat. Your pics really make me miss my family! I live in Virginia, and everyone else lives in Tx and Oklahoma. =0(