09 June, 2008

After canoeing we went over to the beach for about 3 hours. This is a picture of 12 yo DS trying to dunk DH...guess who got dunked!!

This is 12 yo DS. He has gotten so big! He and 10 yo have filled out so much!! 12 yo used to be so skinny that the Doctor made a comment about being able to seeing his heart beat thru his chest...you totally could see it!! Shhh....don't tell him but, I think he is finally taller than me!! And he has another good six years of growing!!

Don't let the little belly on 8 yo fool ya!! That boy is solid muscle!! All of my kids are eaters but, my 8 yo has ALWAYS ate more than any of the others...just last night we had burgers on the fire and he ate his double cheeseburger, chips, peaches (dumped his juice all over his lap) and then ate his 10 yo brother's second cheeseburger because he did not want it. I try not to let him eat to much but, I figured he was super active this weekend and he is not a sweets eater.

I love the pic of 6 yo...boy in motion!

Poor Dora!! This is where she spent most of her time at the beach. As the water kept going in and out it was just going back and forth over her. They just moved her every so often to a different spot a couple of feet up and down the shore line but, this is how she spent her first trip to the beach.
Then after the beach we went to Mickey D's and got ice cream cones....2 for $1 before we went to the Drive-In. And 6 yo saw a girl from church, Venus, that helps in his children's church class and he was just on cloud nine that she squeled and carried on when he saw her in the drive thru window. He got unbuckled and DH handed him threw the drive thru window so she could hug on him and such. He talked all the rest of the night about seeing his 'girl friend' there. I probably have not mentioned this before but, my 6 yo is a girl lover!! He has been that way since he was born...no kidding! Even before he could walk he would light up when a girl baby would come around....boy babies he could care less. And the more they squel and carry on when he is kissing on a girl...especially cute teenager girls the more wound up he gets!! Even at care group last Sunday evening all the other boys were playing football with the dads....where was he?? He was surrounded with about 8 little girls and going everywhere they went. He is the boy we are going to watch the closest!! 12 yo likes one girl and has only liked this one girl for a long time...and I really like this girl and think they are very well suited. 10 and 8 yo are still in the Eww girls are no fun stage!!

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Newstampinaddict said...

Great looking family there! Looks like you had a ton of fun!