28 June, 2008

Did you see the new feature on the right of my blog?

DH and I found out 2 weeks ago. Yes, this was planned....no we did not expect DH to lose his job the day before we found I am pg. I believe that children are a blessing from the Lord and we are very excited to expect another blessing around the end February.
We just told the kiddos. My 6 and 8 yo are VERY excited. DD just took it in stride....she was so cute. I was explaining it to her how the baby was in my belly and she said "just like Randi?" Yep! She totally understood in her own three year old way. I said we are going to have a baby like Ben (a baby at church). Her response: "Then we need to get baby food. He likes applesauce. His favorite color is red so we have to buy him red clothes." My 6 yo asked if we could go to the hospital and bring the baby home tomorrow. I wish it was that easy! I told him nope not until after Christmas, then after DD's birthday, and then we still have another month to wait.
Now we just have to tell our parents!! Now that we have told the kiddos there will be no keeping it a secret now! LOL! My belly started sticking out the a couple of weeks ago....I think from the moment of implant!! Honestly I can't believe no one has came right out and asked me...everyone was probably just thinking I was getting chubbier!
My 8 and 10 yo are asking me 'how' I found out I was pg. They just were not getting the whole I took a pregnency test and that is how I knew...."How come we didn't see you take the test?" Umm....I had to POAS! My 8 yo turned to the 10 yo and told him "DUH!" My 8 yo was the one most persistent in the questioning but Duhhed his brother! LOL!!


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Congrats Pam! Woohoo!! :)

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