28 December, 2012

New Snowman Table Setting!

I saw these snowman plates at Dollar General at the beginning of the season but I thought it would be a bit much to get them but when I was in DG today they were 50% off so I got a bunch of them.  I don't have a whole set but I got 12 plates for .75 each, 12 saucer plates, 6 bowls, and 2 mugs for .50 each.  I need to try and go to another DG tomorrow and see if they have anymore bowls and mugs to complete the set.  I also got two sets of coasters for $1 each and a tablecloth for $2.  My oldest DS got me the red silverware for Christmas! I love to collect Pedestal Cake Plates and this first one is one that my brother got me a few years ago. 

My mom got me this Cake Plate this year at a craft show.  As you can see in the above picture it is a mug glued to the snowman plate and I think it is super cute!  I have several Christmas Pedestal Cake plates and I like to change them and my table setting out!  I also have a Cream and Green Snowman set of dishes that I picked up at a garage sale years ago for $8.  I would love to have several dish sets for every holiday or season!  

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