16 December, 2012

New Front Porch!

The front porch is another thing that NEEDED replaced!  Whew!  I finally got it done!  
Here is 15 yo tearing out the part in front of the door.  The part where DD is standing and the contractor sitting has already been torn out.  It is sitting in a pile behind the contractor.
That is a HEAVY piece that 15 yo is there lifting by himself!  
15 and 10 yo worked with the contractor the whole day!  They did an awesome job!  The contract was so gracious about working with them too!  
Of course it is a lot easier for the kids to get in there and jump from one joist to another.

The contractor placed all of the boards and did the first screws and then he let the boys do all the rest!  They were thrilled to be able to do so much!  
The steps went on a couple days later.  
Me and 10 yo DS! Oh, I just love it when they make goofy faces for pictures...NOT! LOL!

Putting the last board in place!  

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