02 June, 2011

Our first swim outing of the summer!

The weather was finally warm enough...and we had a free day...to go swimming!!  
Baby girl got sunscreen in her eyes so she had red watery eyes the whole time...poor thing!
 But it did not stop her from enjoying herself!  She is a total water baby just like the rest of my kids!

 The kids especially like the diving board!!

 The best part of having so many kids is that they always have a bunch of 'friends' to play with!  LOL!
That is an alligator in the water with them.  LOL!
 Baby girl loved going out as far as the boys would take her!!  She even got her face dunked a couple of times!  She coughed and then went right back to playing!

 The younger ones loved it when my oldest threw them off the diving board!

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