22 June, 2011

Deer Farm!

Last week was VBS and a friend from church had a baby also so she asked me to bring her other kiddos home a couple days so she could enjoy some extra quiet time with her new baby.  When I dropped her kiddos off we got to see their deer and all of their other animals!
 Here is one of the baby fawns that my 6 yo DD got to bottle feed!  CUTE!
 Baby girl was playing peek-a-boo with it around this wooden box!
 DD bottle feeding the fawns!

 Their horses!

 Their fryer chickens!
 This little menace to society....   I got to bottle feed him while we were there and as soon as his bottle was gone he head butted right between the legs!!!  If I was a guy I would have been laying on the ground unable to breathe or see..I am telling you he got me good!  I had calf snot from my knees to my crouch and my pants were wet!  I was laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants!  LOL!  It really was funny!  He kept trying to head butt me to get his bottle, even though it was empty.  So I had to get out of his area quick so he could not do it again!
 A few of the Does are so tame that they will come right up to you and let you pet them and feed them right out of your hands!  The kids especially loved that!  My oldest was itching to line one up in the site of his gun though!


PMcNemar said...

I love the pictures! Those fawns are so cute. You've got good-looking children as well. I'm glad you and the children had fun.

* Crystal * said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Possum Kingdom lake here in Texas is flooded with wild deer who come right up to you for treats...There are strict no hunting laws there so the deer hade no fear of people.

Beautiful animals, so graceful.