13 June, 2011

Changing the Brakes!

The brakes on the ban needed to be done.  So my 13 and 15 yo changed them with the help of a gentlemen from our church.  I love the fact that my boys are learning this stuff while they are young so they can do the maintenance on their own vehicles when they are older.  They have been working with the 'Damsels in Distress' program at our church and changing oil for singles and widows once every three months and they have gotten pretty good at changing oil from all of the cars they have done there.   Since my oldest is literally days away from getting his permit he will need all of these skills!

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* Crystal * said...

I love this!!! My husband is handy man extraordinaire, & its because of things like this. His grandpa worked with him on an old 60's Ford pickup starting when he was about 6...from there various other vehicles, a few boats, plumbing woes & broken household appliances. These are some of my husband's most cherished memories, and past the sentimental value, they have come in handy so, so many times! I'm happy your boys had the chance at this learning experience. :-)