03 June, 2011

Hyssop Seeds from My Patriot Supply!

I got these Hyssop seeds from My Patriot Supply!  I love the packaging!  All of their seeds come in resealable mylar bags!   Since we have spilled milk and water (twice!!) on this seed package that is a VERY good thing!  If it was any other seed package it would have been ruined and then my seeds possibly scattered and lost before I could even get them planted!  (Don't forget about their Genesis Survival Seed Garden!  Right now they are running a special:  if you buy 3 you save $9!  This is a great way to get one for yourself and some for your loved ones.)
 From the My Patriot Supply website about Hyssop:
Anise hyssop makes a delightful addition to mixed herbal teas and a fine tea all to itself. It has a delicate anise or licorice flavor. The tea is naturally sweet, so extra sweetener is not necessary. In fact the tea is so sweet that it can be used to sweeten other foods. Folklore medicine employed anise hyssop herbal tea to treat colds, coughs and fevers, and to strengthen a weak heart.
They also have a Herbal Tea Garden that you can get with a mix of different seeds to grow your own backyard teas!

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Aly said...

Morning, Pam!

Thank you for sharing My Patriot Supply with us!

I've checked it out and plan to order a Survival Heriloom Garden. and pass the info to my mom!