05 July, 2008


We went to a parade last weekend. I think we came home with three full bags of candy...so I sent one home with my brother....and I will probably just end up throwing away the rest or giving it to my MIL to give away at church.

Can you tell that my 8 yo and brother are across the street. The kids next to my brother kept taking his candy right out of his seat so he decided to move...and then my brother and cousin, Sam promoted bad behavior and were tossing a small football back and forth across the street.

Waiting for candy!

It was so fun watching the float passengers point at DD's old glory patriotic outfit and tell the drivers to look. I love getting comments on her outfits...it makes all the hard work worth it!

This truck is really cool too!

This the the Truck Night shuttle bus for the Mud bog nights. This has to one of the kids favorites.

Can you tell that DD also let me do her hair!! I found a new blog all about doing little girl hair. I am so suprised DD has let me do her hair and has been letting me do her hair since....this used to be a battled I chose not to fight...now she loves having it done and doesn't want me to take it down even after we get home.


Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing the fun pictures of your family. It's nice to put a face to you, girl.

Kathy H said...

Nice to actually "meet" you and your family...