17 July, 2008

First lost tooth!!

My 6 yo lost his first tooth the other day!! He was so excited to get his $1 so he could go to the store and spend it! Of course, you know he has been waiting for this day for a loooooonnnngggg time since he has seen his brother's lose so many teeth! Once he realized the tooth was even loose he was a little obsessed until it came out....I think it took less than a half and hour and he had me put some embrodiery floss around it...like I've done for the older boys...so he could get it pulled out! He was so excited to finally get to go to Dollar General yesterday and spend his $1....it is more like each tooth costs $1.07 because of tax...and he got some little nurf sling shot thing. I think half of the fun for them is just looking up and down the ailse a hundred times feasting their eyes on all the possibilities of what they could get.

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