05 July, 2008

.10 ICEE!

Walgreen's had thier ICEEs on sale for .10 last week...that is a deal we just could not pass up. I had seen the sign earlier and the week so this was our second stop...we went after the parade. 6 ICEEs for .60! (DH had pop instead.) This was a real special treat for the kiddos because I do not splurg and buy them drinks out especially when they are usually more than a $1-$1.50 per drink. I usually do not ever let them have this much sugar so that made it a real special treat...although you could tell they are not used to having a lot of sugar because most of them could not even drink half of it. I gave each of the kids their own dime to pay for it themselves...the poor checkout guys...the first guy was a brand new cashier in training and had to keep track of 5 kiddos all putting their drinks up on the counter and standing in line with DD standing on the other side handing her dime to him and he was so sweet and let her 'cut' in front of her brothers.

The girl in the black hat is our Cousin, Sam (Samantha) who is down from CT visiting her uncle for the summer.


Lorraine said...

great photos! I remember the very first time my kids had a slurpee from 7/11. it was a sugary treat they'll never forget!

Louly said...

Loved looking at all you happy family photos. What a lovely bunch they are. xx

~*Leona*~ said...

Hey there! What is the blog site that you used to do the little one's hair?? Gracie loved her hair and I am sure she'll actually let me do her too!