26 September, 2015

Some Random Pictures from Summer!

 I saw this wall hanging at a garage sale and had to have it.  I got it for only $2 so that made it even more awesome!  It is on top of my china hut now.
 I got some bag flowers to hang on my front porch to go with my three hummingbird feeders.  My feeders were crazy busy this summer.  I had as many as 7 hummingbirds at my feeder at one time. They would even come buzz our heads.

 I picked up this doll stroller for a $1 at a garage sale for my wee one.  She loved it!
 My wee one is so adorable! This is a teddy bear my mom made her out of my dad's old shirts.  He is greatly missed.
 Just because I love this dress I will post a pic of me in it!

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