26 September, 2015

Random pics, Hot dog Shoppe, working in the garden.

I am a total sucker for this vintage jewelry!  I pick most of it up for .50-$1.  I have a basket full of it now.  I love to wear these bracelets with my floral 1950's style dresses.
 Working in the garden....which was a total waste of time because it completely and totally drowned this year.  It was a total loss!  I think this is the first year my garden has ever been a total and complete loss.
 Yep...all of these tomatoes drowned too!

 You can see how muddy it is.  I could barely even walk around.  (Yes, I do wear my dresses and skirts all the time.  LOL)
 We absolutely LOVE the Hot Dog Shoppe! I think I could eat there at least once a week. It is a good thing I don't live that close to it or I would.

 A random pic just because she is so cute!
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