03 December, 2008

Baby Update!

I failed my one hour glucose test a couple of weeks ago....so I had to take the three hour glucose test...failed that too. So, I have been checking my sugar levels four times a day for the last week and following a diet...and I have followed the diet strictly. I went to the doc's today and my OB said my sugar was all good. YAY!! But, she did not say I could stop testing or stop doing the diet...and I didn't ask so I am assuming I still have to do it.

BUT, my blood pressure was 120/90. I have to do the 24 hour protien test tomorrow and Friday. She thinks it is chronic hypertension with pg. So, I am officially high risk and on weekly OB visits. My goal now is to make it to Feb 1. DD's birthday is Jan 27 so I would really like to make it at least a week past that. My OB said that she would probably have to give me steroids for the baby around 30-32 weeks to start to develop the baby's lungs and stuff in case I go to early. But our goal is to make it to 36-37 weeks. 6 yo was born at 36 weeks and I did not need steroids for him so hopefully I will not for the baby. Prayers are appreciated.


Cindy said...

UGH I feel like I am still going to be pregnant in January @@ Sorry about the glucose. I have low bloog sugar, so I have to be careful about what I eat

~*Leona*~ said...

Pam - I have to take my 1 hour gluclose on the 29th. I really hope I do not have any issues with it.

Its better that you keep it all under control now so that you do not have anymore issues.

You know my baby ticker on my blog is to help me get to my goal date not my due date. I have to do my best to not deliver prior to Feb 24th. March 10th I will be 36 wks so that is my goals - I think seeing goals help!