30 November, 2008

Here are some more snow pictures!

This is what it looked like last Wednesday going down my road. These pictures were taken in late afternoon and the road had been nicely plowed! I got stuck trying to come up the hill at the begining of my road the night before. My big van just could not get enough traction and just wouldn't go anymore! Thankfully I did not slide back down the hill or go in the ditch. 13 yo and 9 yo walked down to the neighbors house three houses down from where I got stuck and he pulled me half way home with his tractor and even he had trouble getting traction. Can you see the difference of how much snow is on the trees in the last three pictures verse the first picture? There is a visible line where I get way more snow at my house than the people at the bottom of my road. The pictures were literally taken within a 200 foot distance.

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Cindy said...

wow you are living in a winter wonderland LOL. Better you then me. I like snow once a season, that is it!