17 December, 2008

DD's Ginger bread oufit!

This outfit did not turn out as I originally imagined but, I think it still turned out super cute!! The Ginger bread fabric was from an apron. I used the tie straps to make the shoulder straps and then I put on little ginger bread buttons. I appliqued a pair of ginger bread on the front top. The skirt came out longer than I had planned and turned more into a dress rather than just a top but, I still put some red leggings under it (even though you can not see them in the pictures.) Now I ust want to find a cute ginger bread doll for her to carry around with it!!


JenMarie said...

How adorable! Great work Pam, so CUTE!

Cassandra-ann said...

OMG thats cute! You make me feel like sewing something LOL

stuffie said...

oh my goodness! She is SUPER adorable! Love the new duds, Pam!!