30 October, 2008

I thought this was so funny!

I just had to share this for halloween!


JenMarie said...

My aunt sent this to me, LOVE it!!!

Abby said...

Oh man that is a good one!

Thanks for stopping by Steals and Deals!

Sarah said...

Too funny....

BTW: I just gave you an award come over to my blog to grab it:

Sarah (SarahB2 @ SCS)

Karen said...

I couldn't find a contact email, so forgive me for taking over your comments.

You're the winner of Rachel's Boobnanza contest - you get to choose a blanket from my shop, The Rocking Pony. Just go there, check out with whichever one you love, and put a note in the message box to me that you're the winner. But don't pay! That's what free is all about!

Congrats again - I see you're expecting a little girl. That's wonderful. :)