23 October, 2008


A lady at church gave me a serger machine yesterday!!!!!!!!! How cool is that??? I am sure I will get a lot of use out of this machine with all of the outfits that I make for DD!!! Thank you Mary Ann for the blessing!!


Leigh Anne said...

OH! how nice!!

Cindy said...

wow and I thought my brand new $35 serger was a deal. I need a sewing room, but with baby #6 on the way, there is no room. I have three sewing machine, a Janme embroidery, and a serger LOL. My husband hates looking ait it all when I decide to sew.

Oh, and I am STILL waiting to know where you are buying your patterns from :-)

Oh,, and when do we find out what this baby is?

Sarah said...

Hi. That is a great blessing. I have told DH I'd like a serger but since most of my sewing is quilting I don't need it right now. I'd like an embroidery machine too but I do that by hand :) Can't wait to see what you make with your new to you serger.

stuffie said...

how cool is that?? That is truly a blessing!