16 September, 2008

Sarah and Todd Palin

I took all 5 kiddos and when to the McCain/Palin rally today. Sarah is a very dynamic speaker and very articulate!

Here DH, Todd, was there but I did not see any of her kids there. There was an estimated 7,000 people there today.

I think Todd is a rather good looking fellow!


stuffie said...

wow. I am soooo envious. I would love to hear her speak in person.

Julie said...

I'm totally jealous!!! And Todd is not kind of good looking....HE'S TOTALLY HOT!!! Woo Baby...First Dude to die for!!!

cheryl said...

Doesn't she seem "real" instead of some stuffed-shirt, or skirt type of woman? I think our country could benefit from having her in the "spotlight"..

Newstampinaddict said...

Todd is not just sort of good looking! He is a majorly good looking first dude!

I would also love to hear her speak in person. How fun

Kristin said...

Oh, lucky you!! Yes, he's quite good looking and a better speaker than I expected (he seems so quiet.) They did a pretty extensive interview with him on FOX News (Greta -- I can't remember her last name) and I was impressed with how he handled himself.