26 September, 2008

Aww...how sweet!

This was a moment that just made my heart weepy! This is a moment when I just love having a bunch of kiddos (ok I have a lot of moments when I love being the mom to so many.) My 11 yo always gets tired on car rides and after a long trip to Toledo and back in one day he was really tired. This was the first picture I took....but 6 yo loves his picture and wanted me to take another one with him smiling (picture above.) I think this moment really touched me because 6 yo can tend to take advantage of his older brothers because he just has a much more aggressive personality than the older three so to see him being so tender with 11 yo was just so awesome!


utmomof5 said...

Ahh that is sweet :)
Thanks for leaving me a comment!! It is fun to "meet" fellow bloggy mom.

Tessa said...

Awe! Haven't been by in awhile! Miss seeing what your crew is up to!

Traci G said...

Toledo?? Are you talking about Toledo, Ohio? I'm really curious now as to where you live, because I work in Toledo!!!