21 September, 2008

Brownie mix!

Did I ever mention how bad, bad, BAD my 6 yo is???? He just went and got a brownie mix out of the cupboard and 'forced' his 13 yo brother to help him make them and then he brought the batter bowl out to me and asked me to try the left over batter in the bowl to see if it tasted good!!!!! *licking brownie mix off of fingers* And apparently he had to stick his head into the bowl to lick it clean!!


Cindy said...

doh my lol. Hey at least he forced him to make somthing good LOL. BTW, do you know i fyou are having aboy or a girl?

Pam's Pride said...

Thanks Cindy for your comment. No, I do not know...yet. I am hoping to find out at my next u/s but that is not until the end of October.

Monica-FC said...

sounds like you have you have a cook in the family. way cool. and a nice lauyout picture also if you ask me also. lol.