26 May, 2008

This is my 12 yo....he can actually see over the steering wheel.
We went to the qualifing races at Nelson Ledges Race Track on Saturday. A special Thank You goes out to Stephanie (Racechair) from SCS for the tickets and getting us in! Stephanie made the day really special for us! She gave the boys some really cool hats and posters and fans that they have been playing with obsessively since Saturday morning. She also took us around to see some of the awsome race cars and her friend Bill even let the boys sit down in his car. They were thrilled!!

This is my 10 yo.

This is my 8 yo.

This is my 6 yo up on his knees. He had so much fun. I am not even sure how many of the races the boys actually watched because they had so much fun running around the Eagle Eyes deck with a couple of other boys that were hanging around.

This is my 6 yo....actual size in the car. Who knows what he will run over he drives from that position!!

Here are the boys in front of a Corvette!

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