15 May, 2008

OMG!! I have go to tell you all what I just did!! First of all let's just say "WHAT WAS I THINKING????"My 12 yo DS is going to a paintball thing tomorrow. Well, I had an old paintball gun in the garage from when I was a teenager (never used it though...much like some of my stamps.) So, I had DS pull it out last night to use it tomorrow....I picked up CO2 and some paintballs on the way home today so we could try it out tonight and then he could use the rest tomorrow. So, we took the paintball gun, BB gun, and the 3 sling shots out back to shoot at targets. Ok, well earlier I was asking DS "Is this going to be a capture the flag paintball thing or just target practicing?" He had no idea. So, I had to explain what capture the flag was...and that if you get it with a paintball I have heard that it hurts pretty bad. Boys! "Oh yeah sure it hurts." Not really believing me. "So, can I hit you guys when we get home then?"Get home....I shot of a couple rounds with the paintball gun at the target and then told the boys to "RUN!!" 12 yo and 8 yo RAN!! All the while laughing. 10 yo just stood next to me begging me not to hit him. Well, I got the 12 and 8 yo on the top of their arms. They were groaning and laughing and still running all at the same time after that.Then, I picked up one of the sling shots and figured out that you have really super good aim with a paintball in them bad boys!! I started out hitting the 8 and 12 yo with paintballs using the sling shots....so then they each picked up the other two sling shots and we were all three going after each other. THEN...my 12 yo got me right along the side of my upper thigh! HOLY CRAP!! It stung!! In the mean time I have got them a couple more times. THEN...my 12 yo got me again! Right on the collar bone on my chest! STUNG!! You know when something hurts so bad you just have to laugh! It hurt like heck!! I fell to the ground laughing so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes!! I actually have a big bruise now on my chest/collar bone.
DH just stopped and picked up two more face masks on his way home from work so we can play again. My brother has a paintball gun and sling shot too so I called and invited him to come up and paly sometime.
This is a picture of my bruise...and the picture is not really doing the pain justice!!
I am still laughing about it!

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Michele Zwart said...

You are nuts, woman! :)