14 May, 2008

These are pictures of my 5 yo DS and my DH. We cooked burgers on the fire last night and then had s'mores. I think the kids could cook out every night! The kids and I spent a good portion of the day yesterday practicing up my softball skills. And man can my 10 yo old pitch!! And WOOHOO!! I can still hit!! I was amazed at how far the ball was going! I had to keep backing up because I was hitting it closer and closer to the neighbors house! I have joined my church's softball team for the summer. Our first practice is this Saturday and our first game is this Sunday!! I played softball all through school and then have not hardly touched a ball or bat in over ten years! So, it felt so good yesterday to be able to hit the ball again. My 8 yo was a saint yesterday and must have chased over 100 balls that I hit even after getting hit in the head by one because he could not get his glove on it just right! So, I owe him a big thank you!!:)


Shannah said...

Great pics Pam! Your DS is so cute!

Newstampinaddict said...

Cute Pics! Good luck with the softball!