19 November, 2012

Turkey Shoot!

We have been going to the Turkey Shoot for years now at the Kinsman Conservation Club and this year both of the girls won a Turkey!  YAY!
The older three boys are to old to shoot now which is a bummer because they always enjoyed doing this!  But they still always go along for the food!  LOL!
Their winning targets!  7 yo DD won in the second round and 3 yo DD won in the 4th round...out of 5 rounds.
My brother and the club volunteer helping 3 yo DD shoot.  

Another club member helping 7 yo DD shoot.  

Sigh....you can't really tell in this picture but if you look you can see that 3 yo DD cut ALL of her hair off on the right side of her head!  Clear to the scalp about a month ago!!  Oh, I just cried!  It was a LOT of hair that she cut off!  Put your right hand, open palm, on the side of your head...that is how much she cut off!  So I have have been trying to make do with hats and one sided hair styles until it grows back enough that I can trim the other side up to give her a decent hair cut.
3 yo DD cheering after she found out she won a turkey!
10 yo DS did really good with his shooting and hit the targets more of the rounds than the girls did but every time someone else beat him out....got closer to the center of the x than he did.  

And here is the DD's hair looks like on the side that she did not cut!  Sigh....

The Turkey Shoot has become a family tradition for many years for us now.  Then we always go to the Hermitage Parade of Lights afterwards which is always a lot of fun.  The weather was rather nice this year so that made it even better.  

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