10 March, 2009

One HUGE egg!!

The big brown egg is one our Black Jersey Giant eggs that we got yesterday. So, you know I had to put it into the 'bator!! The white speckled egg is a Bourbon Red Turkey egg. This egg is nearly twice the size that my BJG lay. Maybe they will start laying eggs this big all the time!! Now I am just praying it hatches!!


Cassandra-ann said...

Wow! look at the difference in those eggs, Thats so interesting, i hope they hatch too!!!

I can't wait to see your diapers :-) Isold a heap of stuff on ebay to get some $$$ to buy most of mine, Hubby would have a fit otherwise lol.
Someone posted this link for these diapers, they said they were really good, has never ad any problems with them leaking or anything and the lady wil sell the for $9 each if you email and ask her to, they are no good to me as she is in the U.S, but it might be worth having a look at for you ;-)

Cassandra xx

Cassandra-ann said...

Sorry, me again, dont mind all the typos in my last comment, i just read it and realised how bad it was, sorry its late here and i need some sleep lol;-)

Shelley said...

Wow I am impressed. My hubby and I have been talking about raising chickens. We know nothing about chickens other than some articles we have gathered from Mother Earth News. I will be stalking your blog....