05 March, 2009

Baby girl is growing!!

I took her to the pediatrician today and she now weighes 5 pounds 12 ounces!! That is up from 4 pounds the last visit. She is now 20" long. That is up from 17 1/4" at the last appointment 4 weeks ago. The doctor said everything looked great!
One thing that the doctor asked that made me laugh was "Is she easily consoled?" LOL!! I was thinking in order to console her she would have to cry!! Haha...she does not get much of a chance to cry or someone snatches her up!! My goodness my 13 yo will just come out and grab her from me just to hold her!! Both him and my 11 yo will circle around me and ask 20 times if I am done feeding her so they can carry off with her!!

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Cassandra-ann said...

She sounds like she is doing great!! and your so lucky to have such good older helpers too!
I love the pics of your chickens as well they really are gorgeous chickens! (does that sound weird or what? lol)