25 March, 2008

This is a polymer clay bead necklace, braclet, and anklet I made for my DD. This was my third attempt at making clay beads. I only have four colors of clay...red, green, black, and white. I had already made ladybugs and strawberries, which came out super adorable!! So, I racked my brain and searched out other beads online and saw this adorable snail and it dawned on me that I could mix red and white to make pink...so, here is how mine came out! DD wore it with her Easter dress on Sunday morning and just loved showing it off!


JenMarie said...

So so so SUPER CUTE!!!

Stampin Cats said...

Thos are so cute. Better make some extras, somebody may want to buy them. I would but my DD is 21 and I don't think she would appreciate them.

ScrapnVA said...

Adorable!! Great job on the bows, jewelry and your fantastic blog!
You go!!