26 March, 2008

She looks just adorable in the whole ensamble!! She twirls and poses and just loves to show off her new outfit!
I made the Korker bow to match. It is grossgrain yellow with white polka dot ribbon with a daisy button in the middle to match. I also had my husband remove the origonal buttons on the bibs and I replaced them with daisy buttons. I also put the buttons on the purse. I made her dolls outfit and purse to match...so cute!!

I removed the back pocket and put a new pocket on. I also glittered around all of the appliques

Here is the third boutique outfit I made for my DD. I call this one the "Sunshine" outfit. I have also made her an outfit for Valentine's day, St. Patrick's Day, and a pink "Cat" outfit. I have many many more in the planning stages!


Julie said...

Pam, she is just too cute, and you are waaaay talented!

Newstampinaddict said...

Precious! You need to sell this stuff!