01 October, 2015

Bee Sting and more VBS pictures!

On the third day of VBS my daughter got stung by a horrible flying demon spawn while at home.  She was in the house drying dishes and something stung her on the arm.  She has no idea what stung her.  
 She started swelling up pretty quickly and this was her face and lips after just a few minutes.  I took pictures so that I could have an accurate account of how quickly her symptoms were progressing.
 This is about 25 minutes later when we got to the hospital.  Her lips even ended up with fever blisters and she said her ears were on fire as well.

 Her ENTIRE body was covered in hives!
 She got an IV and started to clear up pretty quick.  This was about ten or so minutes after she got an IV.
 We were in and out of the ER pretty quick.  I think less than two hours all together.  She now carries an epi pen with her wherever she goes as a precaution because we will not know if the next reaction will cause an anaphylactic reaction or not.
 The wee one looking cute standing on the porch.
 A couple more pictures from VBS.  My wee one with her cousin.
 Me helping in the kitchen with snack.

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