26 May, 2009

Target shooting!

I had my CCW class tonight and we shot a .22 semi automatic. I think I would have shot a lot better had I known that the gun owner was left handed before I started shooting rather than after because I was just off to the side and had to really adjust to bring my shot over to the target. We actually shot at a paper plate that was stapled to the back of the paper that had an orange dot sticker in the center. The instructor kept our paper plates to grade them. If we did well we get a patch at the end of the course. All of the shots that are together are from a sitting position. The shots at the top circle were from the standing position. I missed one shot into that hole....but once you turned it over to the silohoutte side you can see that it was still a good shot. All of my shots at the dot are within an area that is smaller than the size of my hand. I had so much fun!!

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