14 April, 2009

DD's Butterfly Easter Outfit!

Sometimes I think when I make an outfit I can not possibly top it! I swear I like each new outfit more than the last one! The pictures just do not do this outfit justice!! The butterfly fabric is covered in glitter so it really sparkles. I used the metallic thread for the hems of this outfit too. This hat with the 3-D butterfly has to be my absolute favorite!! I could not seem to get DD to sit it on her head so I could get a good picture of it....but it is so cute IRL!!! I made the 3-D butterfly on her hat myself...with the help of DH. I also put one on the front of her dress. I had one of the tip of her sandal but I could not get it to stay in place so I took it off. I decided to go with butterflies for her Easter dress instead of something with Easter eggs or bunnies because I wanted something she could wear more than once. I also made baby girl a matching outfit...hopefully I can get some pictures of it posted soon.


Cindy said...

OK< where did you get the pattern for this one? SOOO cute.

Cassandra-ann said...

Oh My Gosh! i love that! Its just amazing, Well done Pam!

Cindy said...

hey Pam, come and check out my giveaway on my blog :-)