14 August, 2008


DH officially has a J-O-B!!! Praise God!! He is filling out the paperwork now and then he has to go for a physical...which he should have no problem passing. They offered him a $1 more an hour than they originally said..Praise God!! It is a $5 an hour pay cut (that is $800 a month) but I still am going to Praise God that he has a job now!!
Now we are on the hunt for a good used car and until we get one I will be home and he will be driving 'my' van.


Monica-FC said...

that is so great to hear. any job to get right is great news. like i always say to, and what i always told my twin sister as long as you love your that is all that matters also.

Stephanie said...

That is awesome news... I have given you an award, check out my blog for details.