13 April, 2011

Making homemade blueberry syrup! Part 1

 This is going to be divided up into a few posts.  Just because I have a ton of pictures!  I had 5 gallons of frozen blueberries in the freezer...and I LOVE blueberry syrup!  So I thawed the blueberries out.
 And then I let 8 and 13 yo juice up the blueberries.

 Look at the beautiful blueberry juice!!  YUM!

 The juicer kept clogging up....ugh.
 So we turned it off and got the clog out for like the 10th time.  And then I turned my head....and when I looked back I see this:
The bowl got moved out from under the spout.  Sigh....  (I suggest maybe you should avoid that step when you make your own blueberry syrup.)
Ok, now off to dump the rest of it into the pot on the stove to get ready to can it!

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katlupe said...

Yummy! That looks so good! Blueberries are my favorite! Your photos are great! Love that your children are helping and you show that on the blog.